In 1993, Saint-Gobain, Pilkington and Belron decided to create a universal identification code for all glasses and accessories fitted on vehicles that have been, are and will be circulating on the European Market. This universal identification code should be used on the Automotive Replacement Glass Market and should promote the image of a highly professional business.

To this end, they created a non-profit organization called A.R.G.I.C. (standing for Automotive Replacement Glass Identification Center)
having as unique purposes :
- The development of a standard code structure (called Eurocode©)
- The development and maintenance of a data base that would include all parts for vehicles identified on the European market.
- Insure permanent information to its members.

After having established these key-elements, the founding members asked all other companies active on the Automotive Glass Replacement Market to join the association.They also asked an independent company to act as codification center.

The Eurocode© has a maximum length of 15 digits and is fully self-explanatory, thanks to logic of codification that is always the same and thanks to the information that can be found into the matrix.

Since then, the data base has been developed and covers over 93.560 references (including glass and accessories used for the fitting of the glass). All executive members co-operate in order to provide the most accurate information to the codification center and the association is now reaching a point where all codes should be created prior to the launch date of any vehicle on the European Market. Non-executive members also help to the building-up of the data base at a lower scale, but their main role is to provide as much comments as possible to the codification center in order to permit an adequate development of the code according to the market’s requests.

A copyright is protecting the code structure and the database is also protected according to international rules. This protection was initiated in order to avoid misuse of the codes and of the database.
All members have access to the database, provided by individual entry to the A.R.G.I.C. intranet platform. They can, not only search for codes identifying all products, but also find extensive technical information assisting them in their understanding and use of the codification process.

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